Service Levels.                                           

Level 1 service   £30 Basic service (recommended every 3 - 6 months)

Check & adjust gears

Check brake pads

Check for play in bearings

Check & lubricate cables

External lubrication

Check bolts are at the correct manufacturers torque settings

Check & inflate tyres to correct pressures

Any faults found will be brought to your attention & discussed

General safety check


Level 2 service  £60 Intermediate service (recommended every 6 - 12 months)

In addition to a level 1 service:

Drivetrain stripped, cleaned, degreased, lubricated & re-assembled.

Headset stripped, cleaned degreased, re-greased & re-assembled.

Bottom bracket stripped, cleaned, degreased, re-greased & re-assembled.

Wheels checked.

Hubs stripped, cleaned, degreased, re-greased & re-assembled.

Mechanical brake arms removed & bosses cleaned & lubricated.

Rear mech hangar alignment checked & straightened where possible.

Any necessary cables replaced.


Level 3 service  £120 Advanced service This ‘no compromise’ service for the discerning rider ensuring everything runs as smooth as possible.

This is a full bike overhaul

In addition to level 1 & 2 services:

A full strip down to bare frame & component form

All parts cleaned, degreased, re-greased & re-assembled

All loose bearings replaced (sealed bearings additional)

All cables replaced regardless of condition (includes cost of cable)

All brake pads/blocks replaced regardless of condition (includes cost of cables)

All bolts set to manufacturers torque settings

Linkage bearings are checked for play & smooth rotation (these can be replaced but additional costs will be incurred)

Frame alignment is checked

Please note that these are labour only charges & no parts are included in the prices. All parts will need the owner’s consent prior to fitting.

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