Have Fun                                                   

Biking1Are you confident that your bike won’t let you down?

Riding trails?  Taking the kids out riding?  Commuting by bike?

Whatever type of riding you do, you need to be confident that your bike is running at its best.  Not just for obvious safety reasons but a well maintained bike that runs smoothly makes life on a bike easier, more enjoyable, as well as saving you money in the long run on prematurely worn out parts which can be costly.

There is nothing worse than getting to yourBiking2 favourite trail and a few miles in you realise that the clicking gears won’t go away no matter how loud your iPod is and you wish your headset had been checked for that creaking noise just as you are about to go off that drop!

Accidents on a bike are often inevitable depending on your type of riding, some “offs” can be fun but just make sure that a poorly maintained bike isn’t the reason that you are lying on your back in the forest wondering how to explain this one to your boss … again!